A mother’s perspective: 

As I sit here preparing to share thoughts and stories of the farm and the MOWC, I find myself feeling blessed by all that has evolved from Roy’s memory.  

For those of you who may not have known him or the kind of person he was, I want to share a few stories from others and the impact that he made on their lives. 

From a former Teacher: 

“I had been chosen to watch over a student who had lost her father unexpectedly. She shared with the teacher that for the first few days her friends had offered condolences, but then everyone stopped talking to her; everyone except for Roy.  Roy came to her, said ‘I can’t imagine what it would be like to  lose my Dad, and if it’s ok, I would like to check in with you  every day and gave her a hug.” He did just that.  Roy was passionate about making people feel better;  especially when they were sad. 

From an onlooker at the Cafeteria: 

Roy always had enough food to share with at least two others who he knew didn’t have enough. 

From his siblings: 

Exhausting energy that you couldn’t help but love and be inspired by. 

From fellow teammates:

He made us all want to be better. Even if it meant him pushing us up the hill.  

His laughter and enthusiasm were intoxicating and It was always hard to ever say no to him; hence the 8 pairs of skis and boots that he convinced his sister he needed over the course of his skiing career. 

His energy and love that he had for his friends, family, and community are what drive us to continue to create programs,  share food, clothing, and love with all who enter our lives, and become part of this ever-growing family. 

Roy Varney and Leavitt  Ski Team

The MOWC development

The creation of the Turtle Club, a youth outing club that was formed and run by students and friends of Roy was a great start to getting kids active in the outdoors this past summer.  The turtle club will expand into the winter to incorporate snowshoeing, skiing, sledding, and other winter activities. 

While our community continues to come together to work on improving trails in preparation for the upcoming nordic and other winter activities, the MOWC board and Roy’s family plan to continue on the path of helping his dream become someone else’s dream by providing the space and resources needed to get there. 

This giving Tuesday, know that any amount shared with the  MOWC helps us with our goals. A long-term goal of creating a biathlon range, hosting larger races, developing year-round youth activities, and more importantly a goal to help foster kids and families to appreciate and benefit from outdoor activities while enjoying the scenery of a working family farm. 

Thanks for all your support.

Gloria Varney and The MOWC Board

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