We have been busy during the summer and fall to prepare for our second winter of Nordic skiing and snowshoeing.  Here is an update of what you can expect during this upcoming winter season.

  1. The lodge is under going construction.  Beams, a roof, and siding were added to the side facing the river.  We hope to have a heated section for use this winter.  There is some great MOWC apparel and swag for purchase where you sign in. (There are also MOWC sweatshirts and hats for sale at Nezinscot Farm)
  2. A brand new Nordic ski trail was built this summer and fall and it is incredible!  It is super wide, has great hills and beautiful terrain.  We can’t wait to ski on it!  Our thanks to Nat Bell and to Vining construction in Farmington for all of their work.  
  3. Our ski trail system will increase greatly this season.  We are excited to offer more woods trails in addition to all of our fields.   We are currently creating trail signs to help with navigating our trail system.  We are also making signs to signify new names of our trails.
  4. Snowshoeing will continue this winter in the woods.  Any part of the woods is open for snowshoeing on the property except on groomed ski trails.
  5. The trail system will continue to be free of charge this winter.  We ask that you sign in when you arrive.
  6. We will be hosting the Roy Varney Hornet Classic on Saturday, January 15th with many high school teams competing.  
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